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    What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Office Cleaning Service

    Before you hire a cleaning service for your business, you need to know a few things. These include cost, time commitment, and employee satisfaction. Below are some tips to help you choose the best provider:


    office cleaning in DandenongThe cost of office cleaning in Dandenong services varies, and it is crucial to determine the number of hours and square feet cleaned. The services you hire will depend on the size of your office, but you should expect to pay at least $0.50 per square foot for labour-intensive services. These services include cleaning floors and kitchens, among others. You can also ask for extra services such as vacuuming. If you are unsure what services your office needs, you can consult a cleaning service’s rate chart to determine the cost of the cleaning.

    Large offices usually pay per square foot and generally pay between $.05 and $0.15 per square foot for basic cleaning. Large offices are generally more expensive than smaller ones, but they should be kept in check by requesting discounts and negotiating with cleaning companies. Small offices usually get away with a flat rate of $0.08 per square foot and expect a reoccurring cleaning every few months. Depending on the type of office cleaning you need, the cost of an office cleaning service can range anywhere from $80 to $1,000 per month.

    Time commitment

    Hiring professional office cleaning services is an excellent way to increase your staff’s productivity and morale. Professional cleaners come to your workplace with all the tools and supplies necessary to make your office spick and span. They are also trained to use the right cleaning products and techniques to leave your office sparkling. They can even clean your employees’ break rooms without disrupting your business operations. And if you’re concerned about time, you can avoid buying supplies and equipment to clean your office.

    Employee satisfaction

    According to a recent survey, more than nine per cent of employees feel that cleanliness contributes to employee satisfaction. It is not surprising, as a filthy office negatively affects employee productivity. Additionally, an unclean office environment reduces employee attendance, sales, and productivity. Hence, employee satisfaction with office cleaning services is essential to businesses.

    Employee satisfaction with office cleaning in Dandenong services has many benefits for both the employer and the employee. A clean, hygienic work environment attracts talented employees and improves productivity. It also shows employees that the company takes care of their working environment. Happy employees are more productive than unsatisfied ones. Furthermore, a clean and well-maintained office environment is conducive to creativity and innovation, two characteristics of great companies.

    Cost per square foot

    The typical cost for office cleaning services varies. Offices with less than five employees may pay only a few dollars per square foot, while larger facilities spend anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per month. Medical facilities, for example, require more specialised cleaning, and they may charge more than a typical office. However, they should be careful when estimating the cost of office cleaning services, as many factors can affect the final price.

    The size of the office, the number of employees, and the cleaning frequency can influence the price. Larger offices require more janitorial supplies, while smaller offices are fine with an hourly rate. The amount you pay will depend on whether or not you’re paying for basic cleaning or more extensive services such as carpet cleaning, blinds cleaning, disinfecting bathrooms, and more. Ultimately, the more extensive your office cleaning needs are, the more you’ll pay per square foot.

    Green cleaning options

    There are many benefits to a green office cleaning service. Green cleaning products and services are non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable. Some everyday eco-friendly cleaning products in your cupboard are adequate for general cleaning tasks but do not have the power to remove dirt or staining from hard-to-reach areas. Other eco-friendly cleaning options include olive oil and vinegar, which can be found in every home.

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